Hypnotic Gastric band

Many people have tried dieting for years, without success and feel there is no alternative other than surgery to help them lose weight, but now we know that the brain can be persuaded that we have less room in our stomach using gastric band hypnosis.  Gastric Band Hypnosis uses the power of suggestion to persuade the subconscious that a procedure has been carried out to restrict the amount of food our stomach needs before feeling full. Unlike traditional surgery, there is no pain, no risk and no complications. Clients report changes in the amounts of food they need before they feel full and becoming more aware of what they eat as a natural part of the changes they go through when having this type of treatment.

As part of the treatment we will examine the reasons why someone has been eating more than they need, or the types of food and drink that have contributed to their weight gain.  It is usually associated with an emotional response and as hypnotherapy progresses the identification of those responses helps clients to think differently about the need to eat to comfort themselves. Indeed the thought patterns are changed using relaxing methods of hypnotherapy to become more focused and positive about the future, whilst leaving unhealthy thoughts of the past behind you.  Discussions around the nutritional value of certain food groups and the importance of increased physical activity are also included in this treatment. Clients have reported increased confidence and self-esteem as their thoughts about themselves change, along with the physical changes that occur as their weight decreases. With your commitment and my knowledge and expertise, we will have a very high chance of success.