Many people think that stress is an illness. Although that is not the case, prolonged stress can cause physical symptoms which can affect us dramatically.  It is caused by our response to pressures or life events, excessive challenges which continue over time until we reach a stage of reacting negatively in some way, causing us to feel unwell, need time off work, feel we can't cope any more. In fact stress has become one of the main reasons for long-term absence from work. Our mental and physical health can become adversely affected to such a degree that we seek medication or other treatments from our GP and medical services. 

Our emotional or psychological state can be affected by stress. Finding it hard to concentrate or simple tasks, feeling unable to make decisions, lack of concentration or worrying about anything and everything are common responses to stress. Sometimes people feel tearful, tired, angry or irritable for no apparent reason, being hypersensitive or irritable.  All these are signs that something is wrong. Physically it is very common for people to report pain, headaches, skin conditions, upset digestive systems (IBS) Weight loss, weight gain (Eating issues)  feeling dizzy or heart palpitations.  These are all signs that stress is taking its toll.