Hypnotherapy for Children

Having a degree in Early Childhood Studies and my experience as a Professional Social Worker for 12 years has given me an excellent understanding and the experience to work well with children.  Hypnosis provides an excellent way of achieving positive changes in a relatively short space of time.

There are lots of problems that children can experience which may be helped with hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy can help children to accept and deal with changes in a more relaxed way and to achieve great results with minimum stress.

They may struggle with relationships in school, within the family, changes in their lives such as divorce or the death of a loved one, a traumatic event which has left its mark on their ability to thrive in some way. As they get older, school transitions and exam pressures can also cause stress and anxiety, which plays out in all sorts of ways. Medical conditions such as asthma, or eczema can also respond well to hypnosis. (Your GP should always be consulted in the first instance for diagnosis, advice and treatment)

Eating issues, lack of confidence, stuttering, bedwetting (enuresis) sleep problems, nightmares, or other issues are often associated with stress or anxiety for any number of reasons. With hypnotherapy your child can learn ways of coping with these and many other issues, helping them to feel happier and enabling them to grow into healthy confident young people. Crucially, they will find themselves more in control of their thoughts and thus, how they feel and behave.

Perhaps more importantly, I work together with the parent to establish new language patterns and ways of approaching things which changes the way everyone behaves towards any issues. It is important to talk about the appointment prior to coming along, in a relaxed way so your child is happy to come. Sessions are informal and fun and children invariably enjoy the experience. Happy child, happy parent!